Echo Flight Resources, LLC

Roger Crow founded Echo Flight Resources, LLC (EFR) in May 2010. Since 1982, Roger has been a Reserve Deputy for the Tulsa County (OK) Sheriff's Office, spending two years as a tactical flight officer (TFO) with the Tulsa Police Department and seven years as a fixed wing pilot for the Tulsa County Sheriff when requested.

Roger initiated an effort in 2009 to search for alternative funding and  methods to offset the rising cost to law enforcement agencies' air support units (ASU). Many of these units around the US were being grounded or dismantled due to budget cuts within their agencies.

With new technology in smaller aircraft, there became a focus on researching certified light sport airplanes (LSA) capable of flying day or night. The LSA also had to be capable of supporting an airborne law enforcement and public safety operation with on-board EO & Inferred camera systems. Using the Flight Design CTLS, Echo Flight Resources (EFR) became the first company in the United States to focus on designing a LSA strictly for airborne law enforcement and public safety operations with multi-mission capabilities for day or night operations. EFR's research and development was in conjunction with Airtime Aviation of Tulsa, OK, the leading distributor for Flight Design airplanes and RJ Mechanical, a Rotax heavy maintenance facility.

EFR worked with the designers and engineers of Flight Design's CTLS (Composite Technology Light Sport) airplane. The third largest manufacture of propeller airplanes in the world. The CTLS was redesigned with enhanced wings, wing tip wig-wag/landing lights and additional generator. In the spring of 2011, the re-engineered CTLS designed specifically  for law enforcement was designated the  "CTLE" (Composite Technology Law Enforcement). A multi-roll airplane that could be used for not only local and regional law enforcement support, but for search and rescue operations, forestry & fire prevention, customs and border patrol, navigation channels and port security, fish and wildlife, as well as Homeland Security missions and disaster response operations. was introduced to the worlds law enforcement market.

EFR Mission Statement:

Echo Flight Resources, LLC is driven to provide the safest and most economical aircraft solutions with multi-mission capabilities .

With a constant focus on supporting our customers in protecting our homeland and communities, Echo Flight will ensure a safe and strong aircraft communications platform, supporting agencies with the latest technology in airborne response and airborne deterrence.

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