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"Talking Bird"


The Flight Design, Composite Technology Law Enforcement (CTLE) airplane was developed from the Composite Technology Light Sport (CTLS) airplane design, but with an enhanced wing and electrical system designed to support a law enforcement payload.

The wings have a hard point position and wiring harness to support a camera gimbal, as well as wing tip wig-wag/landing lights.


An auxiliary generator is standard equipment on-board the CTLE to support the additional power requirements of the electronic systems.


With short field take-off and landing capabilities on hard or soft surfaces, 6 hours of loiter time and low stall speeds

makes the CTLE an excellent surveillance and communications platform.

N202TB "Talking Bird" is equipted with the Cloud Cap Technology TASE 200 EO and IR camera, a Cappuccino computer processor, an iKey keyboard and a 8.4" video display from Digital System Engineering. The Dynon SkyView 10" flight displays includes synthetic vision, autopilot and traffic avoidance amoung its many features. The Garmin "AERA 560" allows for additional space on the instrument panel to install law enforcement radios.







Wing Span:

28 Feet, 2 Inches


21 Feet, 10 Inches


7 Feet, 8 Inches

Cabin Width


Aspect Ratio


Empty Weight:

820 Pounds

Gross Weight:

1,320 Pounds or up to 1,500 Pounds when flown in Public use category.

Fuel Capacity

34 Gallons

Fuel Economy:

5.5 Gallons/Hour


Rotax 912S (100HP) 2000 TBO


117 KTS ... with gimbal drag.

Economy Range @4300RPM

843 NM ... TBD with gimbal drag




Echo Flight Resources offers three brands of gimbals.





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